Three More!

The guys, enjoying a day at the beach! ^_^

Heero Yuy. This is an old drawing. Is that a tear running down his face? Gads, I don't remember....

This was from an idea that Duo and Quatre look very much alike in face shape and such (though that has more to do with the limitations of Anime design XD) I thought, "What if they're related?" So here's a pic of their mothers, over a pic of them. Were their mothers sisters? Ooohhhhhhh!

Moar Art...

Hopefully, we get more fan art on here, but I blame XD femaleshinigami

Don't worry, he's not dead! But the idea that he is will make Heero scream (at a later point, after it's all over, and he's back home or summat XD) Yes, I am cruel!

And now for some Duo sexiness! That's a Tootsie-Pop in his mouth, by the way XD

Morning scene at the Gundam safehouse (or something). Sad to say, I have either been the Duo person in the apartment, or the one watching the interaction. XD

And, if anyone can write / find an awesome fic involving Q getting really hurt / killed (non-yaoi), I will draw you a free picture of your choice!

Ok, I'm weird....


Am I allowed to post art now?

I think I will, anyway. XD

Just so you all know, I don't do yaoi, or shounen ai, so you won't find any with me. But I do lots and lots of cute 'friend pics', because these guys are all friends, and are really cute when they're taking care of one another! I also do a lot of 'badly injured / at death's door' pics, for no real reason. I hope this is ok! ^_^'

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[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

[PIC] Duo Doodles

I know it's Quatre month, but I have some Duo doodles, that I've ben meaning to post for some time now. I have another pic to post, but maby tomorow... I was changing the internet suplyer today, and had to work out problems that seamed to occur on every step... it took me almost 4 h... damn them anyway. But here, enjoy some Duo-cuteness ^____^ ♥
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[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

[PIC] The Gundam Cast - ♥WELCOME ART! ♥

*tired sigh* phew! This pic almost made me be very sick, since I stayed up till late in the morning [yes,. it was morning when I went to sleep the last few days] and then I was exhausted to the point of being sick and... you really don't want to hear all that ^^;
Point is, it took a lot of work, way more than I remembered those things to take XD I tweaked anch changed stuuf, still am not happy with Une's face and Quatre's head... but I've given up trying to change it. Doing Noin's, Treize's and Zechs' uniforms was a lot of fun though ^____^ But Relena's hair is a bitch to draw o_____o

So, because of all the work and the fact I haven't done drawing like this for quite some time, Feedback is VERY appreaciated. I know I sound boring and all, but please, after all this work I'd like to know what people think ^____^ *hugs you all*

This is done as a 'WELCOME ART' for gundam_art ♥♥♥ :D It's going to be the first art posted there, and I hope everyone will soon start posting stuff of their own ^____^

And now... ENJOY! And give a starving artist some feedback o___o

Click for FULL VIEW or I'll bite you please!

Here is a preview of how the pic looked before I've added the final shading
[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

admin post

First post, as usual, boring but necessary. ^__^

I probably should write something witty here, but for the life in me I can't come up with anything interesting ^^;

Anyway! Welcome, have fun, and I hope this community will get around to people, making it a nice and cozy place for the fanartists to share their work :) We need some love too! ^___~

First people to join will get a cookie :P *tries to bribe you*