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Gundam Wing Art, Fanart and Icons
As of 25'th of February 2008, this community is established. It's main purpose is to show Gundam Wing Art. There are countless communities for all kinds of fiction, but not one [as far as I know] that is all about artwork. We, fanartists of the fandom deseve love too! ^___~ So here I present you with a place where you can show off your talent. Be it simple doodles, drawings, graphics, icons, even pictures, dolls, and quilts, I hereby invite you to share it with us!

In short:
1. No STELING, the artwork must be yours. If you alter original Gundam art into icons/wallpapers, please state so. If you use someone elses work in your icons/wallpapers, you must have the authors permission.
2. Anything goes, as long as it is properly labeled:
Title: *optional*
Rating: must be stated
Warnings: if there are none, just write so. If there are some, you are asked to state them
Work Safe?: Yes/No
Characters/Pairings: *optional*
3. Please tag your entries properly. It's for everyones convenience.
5. Please, use lj-cuts.

Moderators: femaleshinigami Another mod will be considered. If you have any questions/problems, please contact me. :)